Autumn Stock Take

October 2021

The nights are drawing in aren’t they?

There’s a distinct Autumnal feeling in the air. The grasses, dahlias, rudbeckias and heleniums are doing their best to lift our spirits as the verdant abundance of summer slips away to reveal the softening retreat of Autumn.

I always think about Autumn as a chance to regroup and consolidate the performance of the garden for the year. What worked? What wasn’t so good? New plants that performed well, can be re-ordered and planted to enhance this year’s performance. Under-performing plants that ‘don’t earn their place’ in your garden can be removed, or re-sited. 

I find it useful to label perennials at this time of year, so that they can be clearly identified later in the season, perhaps when they have already died back.

Take your time to think about what worked for you this year. And plan over a warm cuppa what actions you will take.


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